Named one of Arena magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful Male Models in the world in 2015.

Chando Erik Luna was born in Madrid, shooting his earliest high-profile commercial at age 3, starring a baby shampoo commercial. Since then, he has graced the pages of more than 150 magazines and has been featured in fashion shows for Armani, Valentino, Versace, Ralph Laurent, Kenzo, Castelbajac, Evisu, Adidas or O’Neill. He has also posed for famous photographers like Francesco Scavullo, Stephen Wayda, Paolo Pellegrin, Ute Ville, Tatjana Bach, Jesús Aparicio, Valero Rioja, Maurek Poggiante, Dani Piedrabuena, Belkalem and more.

Throughout his formation as an actor, he continued to work as a model, frequently appearing in swim- and sportswear – and even posing naked for a magazine and art gallery.

Besides his work as a model, Luna made his debut on TV as part of the cast of the German late night show Zimmer Frei (2014) for a single season. The same year, he also accepted some guest star roles on soap operas such as Verbotene Liebe, Unter uns and Alles was zählt. After some years living in America and Germany, he moved back to Spain in 2015 and worked in some theater plays including After the fall, The sire or Felices para siempre.

Chando has also been casted in different short films, including Alienigenas (2015) , After the fall (2015), Muérete mi amor (2017) or El resto de nuestras vidas (2018).

In 2019, Luna received critical acclaim for his role in Muérete mi amor, in which he co-starred with Leni Rico, and received the ‘Best actor in foreign LGBTQ’ award at the Côte d’ Azur Web Fest.

In 2020, Chando Erik Luna made his debut as a film director,  co-directing and co-producing with Rubén Pascual Tardío the drama Adiós Susana, in which he was also featured as an actor alongside Spanish actresses Laura Arjona, Cristina Piaget, Leni Rico or Alina Nastase and movie & TV star Beatriz Rico.

Luna has been hounded by paparazzi during his time as a model, and stories about his romantic life filled countless tabloid columns across Italy and South America . Throughout this time, he consistently turned down offers to appear in different movies and shows, including Celebrity Big Brother or Temptation Island.

In 2018, Chando publicly came out as Bisexual in a TV interview for an Italian show. Since then, he has become an outspoken LGBTQ+ and AIDS rights activist.

Since 2017, Chando Erik lives in Switzerland, occasionally traveling to Los Angeles, Madrid or Milan for special work projects.


His father is catholic from a Spanish family and his mother was born in the US and raised in the Dominican Republic and has Caribbean, Danish and Lebanese roots.

Luna has lived in Los Angeles, New York City, Paris, Tokyo, Madrid, Ibiza, Cologne and Zurich among other cities around the world.

He loves surfing, traveling and animals, specially horses. His dream is to become a father.

Furthermore, Chando has been publicly speaking out about eating disorders in the modelling industry:

My battle with eating disorders

Finally I found the courage to tell my story. There is no reason to ever give into your fears or shame. So I will be brave.

I never expected to develop an eating disorder. But in 2012, I moved to Germany with the person with whom I had married 6 months earlier after dating for 5 years. I had been living in several countries before, so it was easy for me to adapt myself to that new place. But for some reason I wasn’t happy there – which turned out to be very much of a strain on our relationship. Basically, I found out that I wasn’t mature enough to be married. I was losing my faith in love and my good spirits and about to become bitter and unstable.

However, I knew an easy way to feel good again. Good, and in control. I had been throwing up my food a few times in my teens, I was working as a model and back at the time the most successful male models were really thin. I have always been a really athletic guy. I, myself, liked the way I looked… but everyone kept telling me “u are too athletic”. So I did what I felt I had to do to look skinny.

I first came in touch with it in Paris. One fellow male model did it twice. In front of me. And what I did was to copy him. Luckily, I was able to stop myself after a short period of time. Being skinny, I felt like I wasn’t really ME.

Years later, in Germany, I developed a love / hate relationship with food. I wasn’t in control of my relationship – But I was going to take control over my body. When I was happy, food was part of the reward. But when I was miserable, the food became my enemy. I would eat tons of food…and then throw them all up again. Other days, I would just eat mandarines for the entire day or just drink tea

It wasn’t about being skinny anymore. It was about being in control. Suddenly, the most important thing in my life was that feeling.

By the end of 2014, my personal relationship ended and I moved out. Shortly afterwards, I no longer looked like myself. I eventually dropped 28 pounds and that’s when I rock-bottomed. I no longer recognized myself in the mirror. Since that moment, I started a long battle to recovery, which lasted about two years.

Now I eat clean, I workout because I love sports and I am looking like myself again. I enjoy food, but every day I have to make the choice between being in control or being in love with life.
So far, I am choosing LIFE.

– Chando Erik Luna


Adiós, Susana (2020)
El resto de nuestras vidas (2018)
Muérete, mi amor (2017)
After the fall (2015)
Alienígenas (2015)

The Bold and the beautiful (2015)
Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei (2014)
Alles was zählt (2014)
Unter uns (2014)
Verbotene Liebe (2013)

After the fall (2015)
The Sire (2015)
Felices para siempre (2015)

Personal appearance
Domenica Live (2018 – 2020)
Pomeriggio Cinque (2018 – 2020)
Live Non e la Durso (2019)
Pomeriggio Sud (2018 -2019)
Zimmer Frei (2014)


Adiós, Susana (2020)

Synopsis: Marcela, a Colombian woman has just arrived in Spain after the recent death of her daughter. She needs to overcome the drama lived and accept it psychologically. She thinks she’s already done it, but she has not. Spain will bring bitter moments but beautiful surprises as well.


Ralph Laurent
Custo Barcelona

Black and White
Clock House
Coca Cola

Burger King
Johnson & Johnson

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